Real Solutions

PES has been listening to our customers for over 30 years with a commitment to providing great service and value. In that time we’ve developed the methods and practices necessary to offer our customers real solutions to the headaches commonly experienced with other providers.

High Prices?

Being privately owned allows us to eliminate the bloat and corporate expenses that the “other guys” pass on to their customers, while our commitment to cutting edge technology allows us to achieve the utmost efficiency with every labor hour expended.

Absentee Management?

We have brick and mortar offices in all the major market areas we service. This allows our team of experienced and LOCAL managers to be on site more often, and available 24/7 to personally meet each clients' individual needs.

Reactive vs. Proactive?

We conduct periodic wellness checks and documented site inspections for the life of the contract. With a focus on finding and resolving potential issues BEFORE they emerge, we ensure consistency and 100% contract compliance.

Repetitive Issues?

When issues do arise, our account reps not only correct them immediately, but also evaluate the cause and implement the necessary changes to the program and/or staffing to prevent them from ever happening again.

Inadequate PM Tracking/Completion?

PES utilizes a series of work order systems to ensure consistent and reliable scheduling, tracking and completion of all periodic and ad hoc services.
Performance stands behind all of the services it provides with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.