Specialty Cleaning

PES is THE expert in all things cleaning, and offers a number of specialty cleaning services including the following. Don’t see what you need? Contact us, we do it all!

Window Washing

Our professional services include standard glass cleaning, hard water & stain removal, water repellant application, exterior sealing and caulking. All work is performed in full compliance with OSHA and the ANSI I.14 Safety Standard using Bosun's chair, lifts or the cost saving water pole method.

Pressure Washing

From sidewalks to full building exteriors, professional pressure washing services from PES will bring original beauty and color to your exterior surfaces back to life. All work is performed in full compliance with OSHA and the ANSI I.14 Safety Standard.

Biohazardous & Bloodborne Cleaning

When it comes to controlling the spread of diseases, PES has the expertise required to properly clean and disinfect any environment. We employ proper methods and PPE using an integrated approach to mitigate unnecessary alarm from the public, while fully and completely disinfecting target surfaces. Full containment, isolation cleaning, pandemic infectious disease control, bloodborne and Other Potentially Infectious Materials (“OPIM’s”) cleaning is all performed in full compliance with OSHA and CDC standards.

Electrostatic Disinfection Cleaning

Growing popular among offices, medical facilities, schools, athletic complexes and more – electrostatic disinfection technology enables superior coverage of disinfectants on all sides of surfaces by atomizing the chemical and introducing an electromagnetic charge. For the effective prevention of common colds, the flu, MRSA, Norovirus and more, entire rooms or entire facilities can be treated on a recurring basis for the health and safety of building occupants.

Mold Remediation Cleaning

Not all “Mold Remediation” is created equal. Don’t be fooled into believing an application of bleach, a coat of anti-fungal paint or a blast of Ozone will get rid of your mold issue. Improper Mold Remediation services can lead to larger mold issues down the road, and may also expose building occupants to hazardous spores and mycotoxins. Don’t take unnecessary risks! PES has over 20 years’ experience in mold remediation with multiple certifications and works in full compliance with “ACGIH,” “IICRC” and “The New York City Department of Health” guidelines.