Green Cleaning

The “GREEN” philosophy is an approach using equipment, products, chemicals, and practices that have a lesser impact on the environment than conventional alternatives. Performance Environmental Services is committed to pursuing a green approach companywide.

PES delivers high efficiency green cleaning programs that are 100% compliant with USGBC LEED standards.

We Proactively Implement Green Cleaning Standards, Methods and Products into all of our services.

Green certified safe chemicals.
Microfiber cloths & mops.
HEPA filtered vacuums.
Post-consumer waste products.

Environmental benefits of green cleaning

Improve Indoor Air Quality

HEPA filters

Dust Capture Systems

Proper Floor Matting

Decrease Impact on
the Water Systems

Non-Toxic Chemicals

Integrated Chemical Management

Decrease Impact on

Condensed Packaging

Post-Consumer waste Products

Robust Recycle Programs

Microfiber Media

Decrease energy consumption

Non-motorized equipment

Energy star equipment

Day Cleaning Programs

Generate Cost Savings

Community mixed trash

Reduced Mixed Trash Output

Day Cleaning Programs

Create a Healthier Workplace

Fewer airborne pollutants

Fewer chemical irritants

Fewer Sick Days

Increased Morale

Taking Green Further

Green Cleaning is just ONE part of a comprehensive GREEN program.
PES can help you adopt a TOTAL GREEN approach for your facility!