Day Cleaning

Day Cleaning Programs are quickly gaining recognition as the best industry practice and the most responsible approach to cleaning for the sustainability of our environment. Best of all, they can even save you money!

By the Numbers:

Studies have shown that a Day Cleaning program can help save:

From 0.6% - 8% in energy costs!

An average of 5%-10% in labor costs!

Increase Worker “On Task” time.
Reduced use of Lights & HVAC after hours.
Restructuring Labor Improves Productivity.
Reduced or eliminate need for Day Porters/Matrons.
Reduce or eliminate need for Security Personnel after hours.
Beyond the numbers:

Additional Benefits to Day Cleaning that can have a POSITIVE impact on:

Building Operations

Building Occupants

Virtually eliminates cleaning issues.
Longer shifts reduces turnover & attracts more dedicated workers.
Decreased exposure to Liability after hours.
Added daytime manpower to lend a hand when needed.
Enhanced communication with staff.
95% of occupants polled in a Day Clean converted building say they would not want to switch back to night cleaning!

So what’s stopping you?

PES is ready to guide you through a successful Day Cleaning conversion every step of the way from labor restructuring, cost savings analyses and educational Q&A sessions for building occupants on the mechanics of day cleaning. Contact us today!